Launch of Season II at Sémaphore in Cébazat (France)

It all started under the logos of the first season.
The evening began with the musicians playing the Trina I melody. They then left the stage to the presidents of the twinning committees.
The usual thanks and speeches officially launched the new season. Then Cebazat’s twinning committee congratulated the heads of the music schools and symbolically offered each of them a conductor’s baton.
As for every episode of the Trina Orchestra, unveiling the logo was an important event. The new logo has been modified and is more dynamic and joyful. Its sunny yellow will shine on the three new episodes of the Trina Orchestra that will now take place in summer.
To accompany the new logo there has been an entire make-over of the site, a surprise even to the music school directors, who were carefully kept out of the secret.
To end the evening, the participants gathered around the traditional drinks and meal. Finally, the long awaited event: the musicians received and listened to the new scores. A varied repertoire which will surprise our –hopefully- large online and live audiences, who will be able to follow the first episode from the 24th July.