Trina Orchestra Season II Episode 3
From the 22rd to the 30th July 2017

And now for the last episode of the second season of the Trina orchestra.
This time, it’s taking place in France!
The team of French musicians have carefully prepared the visit and are eager to show off their beautiful region to their German and Hungarian friends.
They’ve chosen to spend the first five days in Chambon-sur-lac, n the shores of a volcanic lake cradled in a ring of mountains: truly an idyllic setting!
Although this week will be much like the other episodes, with over six hours of rehearsals per day, thematic and culinary evenings, and two days of local tourism… you can be sure the organizers will come up with a number of surprises to spice up the stay!
You won’t want to miss their concert on Friday the 28th of July, at 8.30 pm at the concert hall “Sémaphore” in Cébazat, where they will be proud to play their brand new programme.
If you are too far from Cébazat, you can also get online and listen to the concert live, or follow their adventures by watching their daily reports.

You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.